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Hotel Beaumarchais Review


Hotel Beaumarchais

Location: Close to Marais/Bastille
Address: 3 rue Oberkampf
Tel: (33) 01 53 36 86 86
Fax: (33) 01 43 38 32 86

Hotel Beaumarchais Overview

Personal touches, a colorful, modern interior, a great price point, and a hip location on the funky rue Oberkampf near the Marais and the Bastille make this 3-star boutique hotel a perfect choice if you are looking to stay off the tourist track, but within walking distance of Paris's major attractions. A "must stay" if you are planning to go clubbing during your trip to Paris. Room rates start at 75€ for a twin and 110€ for a double.

Hotel Beaumarchais Ratings

Classified as a three star hotel. Our ratings (1-5 stars):

Overall: 5 stars. Great value for the money. The atmosphere at the Hotel Beaumarchais is more like entering the home of a friend than that of a typical Parisian hotel. Personal touches, such as breakfast anytime, a lobby with rotating artwork by local Parisian artists, and rooms with custom-designed furnishings to make the most of the room's space, are rare in this category of hotel.

In addition, the friendly level of service at the front desk, and the budget friendly price point for a room in Paris (110€ for a double is a steal), and the trendy location make this a great hotel to stay during your vacation in Paris.

Note: This is a modern hotel in a lively, young locals area of Paris. If you dream of snoozing in a bedroom in the style of Louis XIV, this is not the hotel for you. Choose the Hotel Beaumarchais if you're looking for a modern hotel in an artsy area off the Paris tourist track.

Location: 4 stars - Located on the rue Oberkampf, the hotel is within walking distance of the Place de Vosges, the Picasso Museum and the shopping, cafes and galleries of the Marais. For a taste of Paris off the tourist track, walk out of the hotel and explore the local cafes, and small clothing boutiques by up and coming Paris designers. After dusk, stop by the China Club for a perfect martini (an easy walk at 50 rue de Charenton), or check out the ever-popular, retro-chic Cafe Charbon (109 rue Oberkampf). For dancing until dawn, try La Maizon (123 rue Oberkampf).

Style and Decor: 5 stars –The colorful "pop art" decor of the Hotel Beaumarchais is a stark contrast to the typical dark walled, antique inspired Parisian boutique hotel. On a typical gray Parisian day, walking into the Hotel Beaumarchais is like catching a ray of sunshine. The hallways are lemon yellow with hot pink doors. The rooms, decorated in bright sunny yellows, reds and blues, are cheery without being overwhelming. The eye-catching, vibrant style works because it reflects the artistic vision of the hotel's manager, Didier.

The hotel's main floor is "part lobby - part art gallery". The walls are decorated with vibrant modern art paintings from local Parisian artists and is updated monthly with work by new artists. See the Gallery section on the Hotel Beaumarchais website for a preview of this month's artists.

The hand painted teacups and dishes, are a work in art themselves, especially created to complement the hotel's decor by the manager, Didier. These personal touches adds up to a joyful environment that is cheerful without being completely over the top.

Amenities: 4 stars – Along with the standard 3-star amenities, the Hotel Beaumarchais has Wi-Fi access in all the rooms along with air-conditioning, a major plus for summer travelers. The hotel is also entirely non-smoking.

The outdoor patio/garden is perfect for a peaceful late breakfast, especially since the location is shielded from the sun and cool even in the summertime.

Worth another mention is that the continental breakfast of fresh squeezed juices and croissants is served when you request it. If you wish to eat breakfast at 1:00pm - no problem - an attitude not found in many tourist hotels.

Be prepared for a small (very small) elevator on this property. There is a charming spiral staircase but if you need to use the lift, it can comfortably hold an average person with a bag. If you have several pieces, a better option would be having one person load up the luggage in the lift and send it down while the other heads down the stairs to meet it. Or ask the staff to help you. A small trade-off in a great hotel.

Value for Money: 5 stars - If you're looking for a hotel off the tourist track and close to Paris nightlife, look no further than the Hotel Beaumarchais A good location, personal staff, and a great rate make this a great value hotel for your money.

Hotel Beaumarchais Room Details

Rooms - Eye-catching design elements, like wavy headboards desks and Milan bed lights, and a vibrant color scheme characterize the 32 hotel rooms at the Hotel Beaumarchais.

However, comfort has not been sacrificed for design. The bright yellow, red and blue, modern rooms make a great use of space with furniture custom designed to fit the room's dimensions. In this case, the wavy-headboard beds are a bit narrower and longer than a standard US twin (35x79 vs. the us 38x75) and if you’re the type that needs space to sleep those inches can make a difference. Each bed contains an adjustable reading light and a reading table. The funky cut-out desks are a great place to surf using the free wi-fi access.

The 32 rooms literally sparkle with freshness - each room is freshly painted each summer and the carpet has recently been replaced throughout the hotel.

Since rue Oberkampf is an area with lots of foot traffic in the wee hours, all windows are triple glazed to keep out the street noise. If you are a light sleeper you probably won't have any problems, but pack a set of earplugs just in case.

Each room also includes a safe, hair dryer, and cable TV, and air conditioning. A nice touch is the collection of travel guide books and the array of gourmet teas and coffees available in each room.

For families or large parties, reserve rooms 44 and 45. These double rooms connect and include large bathrooms with a double vanity.

Unlike other Parisian hotels in this class, the two triple rooms available on the property are "true triples", the second room has a twin-sized bed - no small day-beds here.

The pictures on the hotel website are a good representation of the style and quality of the rooms at the Hotel Beaumarchais.

Bathrooms: The modern bathrooms are decorated in white, abstract, ceramic tile pattern accented with gold and blues. Depending on the size of the room, the bathroom will have a tub with a handheld shower or a shower only.

For this class of hotel, the bathroom was above average in comfort and convenience. The complimentary toiletries in the bathroom were also above average in quality.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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