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Recommended Hotels in Paris, France


The French government has a 1- 5 star system that rates a hotel based on its amenities. At Paris Escapes, we recommend staying in 3 star hotels. 3 stars are in good locations, are required by law to have English speaking staff, and tend to offer good value for our money. 3 stars have clean and comfortable rooms, but no elaborate lobbies, on-site restaurants, or gift shops.

Paris is a city that you beckons you to take to the streets. We find its not worth the money to stay in a 4 or 5 star, when you're not going to be spending much time on the property except to sleep.

We list our recommended hotels below. The majority of these hotels contain detailed reviews giving our personal impressions and sleep ratings related to our stay there.

Left Bank (6th)

Hotel D' Angleterre - Charming, historic hotel in the heart of St. Germain de Prés. For history buffs, this hotel was where the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, declaring the United States as independent from England. Ernest Hemingway also stayed here in the 1920's. 3 stars. Read our detailed review.

Hotel Danube (website) - The flamboyant French decor in many of the rooms, friendly hotel staff, and excellent location in the heart of St. Germain des Prés make this one of our favorite places to stay in Paris. Great value for your money. 3 stars.

Hotel Jardin de l'Odéon - Boutique hotel located on a tiny street by the Luxembourg Gardens has a modern feel. Good value for your money. 3 stars. Read details about our stay.

Central Paris (1st, 2nd)

Hotel Mansart - A reasonable, classy mid-size hotel around the corner from the Place Vendôme and surrounded by the most glamorous hotels in Paris. A great choice if you enjoy high-end window shopping or if the 5 star hotels are out of your budget. Stay at the Mansart, and hang out at the Ritz around the corner or the Park Hyatt across the street. 3 stars. Read our review.

Hotel Ritz Paris - One of the most famous hotels in the world and beloved by royalty and celebrities, the elegance, prestige and reputation of the Ritz is irresistible for those wanting to stay in a historical fantasy setting in Paris. If you dream of being pampered in Paris, you won't be disappointed by the famed Ritz service (three staff members for each staying guest) and the hotel's opulent surroundings. This experience doesn't come cheap (rooms start at 700€)- read our review to determine for yourself if the Ritz is worth the splurge. Also, if you're not staying at the Ritz, check out our article "Five Ways to Enjoy the Ritz Paris without Staying There".

Le Grand Hotel - Intercontinental Paris - One of the historic five-star "grand hotels" of Paris. Built in 1862 and recently renovated, Le Grand Hotel overlooks the Paris Opera House and is across the street from the famous Paris department store, Galleries Lafayette. The hotel sits on an entire city block, and each one of its 470 rooms is designed in 19th century French style with all modern conveniences, and exceptional service. If you are a fan of five star hotels, Le Grand Hotel will not disappoint. 5 stars. Read details about our stay.

Île St. Louis (4th)

Hotel des Deux-Îles - A small boutique hotel on the lovely Île Saint Louis. Choose this hotel if you're committed to staying on Île Saint Louis. 3 stars. Read our review.

Marais (3rd, 4th)

Hotel Caron de Beumarchais (website) - An antique-filled, historic 18th century townhouse in the heart of the Marais. This hotel brings to life the Marais when the aristocracy populated the Place des Vosges, duels were common, and the courtesans dominated society. 3 stars.

Hotel Beaumarchais (website) - Hip, colorful hotel located near the Marais and the Bastille. Great value for your money if you're looking for a hotel off of the tourist track, but within walking distance to most Paris attractions and the Paris club scene. 3 stars. Read our review.

Eiffel Tower(7th)

Hotel Malar (website) - Budget "shabby chic" hotel located a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower. Choose this hotel if you're looking for a quiet, no frills hotel, in a central location the Left Bank. 2 stars. Read our detailed review.

Author: Cheryl Montgomery

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